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Website Design

We work hard to bring you beautiful websites that attract your customers and the search engines. We help you identify your primary selling point, analyze your audience and create a design that meets their needs and yours. We even provide some professional copywriting services to make sure your content is search engine friendly.  Our designs help your target market find what they’re looking for when they land on your site. Our basic WP hosting services include WP managed servers, backups, security certificates (SSL) and minor updates to your site throughout the year.

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Customized Web Design

When you want us to start from scratch because you know exactly what you need your website to do, we can create customized designs using WordPress and CSS code. This allows for more complex websites with various layout and functionality options.

WordPress Templates

Template sites are perfect if you only require a simple website, have a limited budget or you need it up and running fast. All the customizing comes from photos, colors and font styles rather than complex layouts or functions.

WIX Platform

When you are looking for a platform that not only runs your website but can collect your contacts and send newsletters, or provide other built-in functions, a Wix website could provide the solution you’re looking for.


“TAABS did a fantastic job on my new website.  It is engaging and very professional looking.”

Bently Ford | Ford Financial Services of East Texas


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